Let us restore you hands to their natural beauty with the highest quality nail polishes, applied with creativity and care.   


Soothe your weary muscles with our suite of comprehensive massage services.  We ease the aches and pains that distract and torture your body and mind.


Give your skin the healthy smoothness it deserves, with the care and pampering you need.  

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With gratitude, Doriana 


Nothing like other nail salons

L'Arte Delle Mani is a boutique nail salon in Trolley Square.  It is the ultimate expression of love for nails. We provide personalized care with the latest and greatest techniques and products, a clean, relaxing, and inclusive atmosphere, and the highest standard of safety possible.  We are without a doubt, the best nail salon in Delaware.

Why Lârte Delle Mani?


L’arte Delle Mani takes pride in its easy-to-breathe, modern European-inspired spa with its inclusive atmosphere that makes even our male clients say we’re the first salon they’ve ever felt comfortable in. 

 The Highest Level of Care

Our education and expertise allow us to provide a comprehensive nail health consultation to restore even brittle, damaged nails to their natural beauty. We are certified in podiatric procedures, such as nail reconstruction, and are specially trained to care for diabetic clients. Using medical grade products for our most intensive services, we provide the comfort and care that normal salons simply can’t provide.  


Moda that never quits!

L’Arte Delle Mani takes your vision and makes it a reality. We have the skills and techniques to give your nails a flawless touch, no matter the occasion!  We cater to creativity, and we love to mix a new custom color just for your new style! When you’re searching for a new look, you can always count on us to provide a unique spin on the newest trends.

A Rejuvenating Visit

From the moment you enter to the moment you leave, we make easing your troubles our first priority.  Whether it’s a hand or foot massage, a manicure or pedicure, nail reconstruction, or a vibrant new style, your experience will leave you refreshed and ready to tackle a new day’s challenges.  


Doriana Galasso
L'Arte Delle Mani, Founder

Who is L’Arte Delle Mani? 

I was born and raised in Italy, where passion and style, or moda, go hand in hand.  In my early 20’s, I came to America and started work in the nail care business.  From the very beginning, I discovered a way to share my passion for moda and my high standard of cleanliness and safety with everyone I met, and I’ve been doing it ever since!  L’Arte Delle Mani is my ultimate expression of love for my clients, providing them personalized care with the latest and greatest techniques and products, a clean, relaxing, and inclusive atmosphere, and the highest standard of safety possible.  


I am excited to share my passion with you.  Come and see me!

L'Arte Delle Mani

Boutique Nail Salon in Trolley Square

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